Established in 2016, Bikepacking.Africa is one of the first to bring ultra-endurance bikepacking events to South Africa.

Aimed at the cycling adventure purist we offer professional races and weekend adventures.

With an expanding portfolio of routes uniquely aimed at bringing adventure to all levels of adventure cyclists.

The Story so far

As with most cycling adventures, the story started with a dirt road followed by more than two years of exploration culminating into what is now Bikepacking.Africa.


Along the way, we met incredible people, discovered amazing landscapes, made friends and overcame challenges all while pursuing our bikepacking passions.


Over time EnduraMan, DirtWarriors and UrbanCyclone emerged as our main brands with various other cycling projects developing in the background. Programs include Education, Adventum Cycling Club, Volunteers/Ambassador, and Route Developments that are all close to our hearts.


Predominantly self-funded Bikepacking.Africa encourages sponsorship partners and encourages community involvement and welcome partnerships between our ambassadors, sponsors, and contributors.







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Mail Us: info@bikepacking.africa

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