Self Supported Cycling

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Self Supported Cycling Types:

Self Guided Races are rapidly gaining in popularity in both on-road and multi-terrain events. Races usually take place over multiple days up to a few weeks. These types of events embrace competitors completing the race without any outside assistance and sometimes follow a set route but can even require participants to map their own way to checkpoints.


  • Challenge your body and mind

  • The achievement of competing

  • Comradery and sharing experiences

  • Compete to win

  • Possible reward (prize money or medal)

Semi Self Supported Events are organized and paid for multi-day events and can cater to all different levels of riders from beginner to advanced levels. These events are aimed at the more casual rider looking to experience bikepacking with outside assistance when it comes to arrangements and route planning. These type of events are perfect for newbies to self-supported cycling or can be a training platform for up and coming race events.


  • Self-supported with support

  • Accessible to all levels of riders

  • Established routes and guides

  • Administration and organization is done by the organizer

  • Lighthearted and fun

Self Supported Adventures can be categorized as self-organized solo or group rides and normally involves bikepacking on unknown trails or newly mapped routes.


  • Freedom to explore any area by bike

  • A lower cost than organized events

  • Can travel in remote areas/countries when wild camping

  • A sense of accomplishment when challenges overcame


  • Volunteers

  • Sponsors

  • Partners

  • Charities

  • Corporate InvestmentC

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