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"Preparation is key to any self-supported multi-day adventure race. Detailed preparation information will be included in the participant e-book and overviewed in the pre-race briefing."

Packing List


All participants will receive a packing list with suggested items that might be required during the course of the race. Your packing list will contain sections for Camping, Tools, Clothing, Nutrition and Hydration.

Overpacking is the most common challenge to people new to self-supported cycling and the packing list is a valuable source of information and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the packing list.

Bike Preparation & Maintenance


Only well-maintained bikes will complete the journey. Too often have I seen bike failures due to something being overlooked during a routine service. Drivetrain related failures are the most likely to end your race and will need special attention pre-race. Fully loaded bikes result in increased strain on pulleys, cogs and suspension parts and need to be adjusted and inspected accordingly...

International Race Participants

Visa Requirements

  • Every rider (and every supporter) must be in possession of a valid passport in order to enter South Africa. For some countries, you may also need to apply for and be in possession of a visa.

  • Please be sure to contact your embassy and confirm whether or not you require a visa to enter South Africa and make sure that your passport is valid over the duration of your stay. It is vital that you check and confirm these details prior to your departure as you will not be allowed to enter the country without the necessary documentation. You can visit the website of The South African Department of Home Affairs for more information on visa applications.

  • If you require a letter for your visa application stating that you will be attending the Enduraman Race Series, please send us an email at and we will gladly assist.


Travel Insurance, Bike Insurance, Medical Aid/Insurance 

  • Travel insurance is there to assist travelers by covering any medical expenses and/or other losses incurred whilst on their travels.  Traveling always involves some form of risk and it is important to note that you will be taking part in a high-risk sport during your stay here.  Therefore, it is recommended that riders take out travel insurance (that includes medical aid/health insurance) for the duration of your trip here that will cover both you and your bike in the unfortunate event of injury/illness or damage to equipment.  

Customs Restrictions 

  • South Africa has specific customs requirements regarding items that need to be declared.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with these rules and items so that your arrival into South Africa is seamless.


Currency and Typical Exchange Rates 

  • In South Africa, the South African Rand (ZAR) is used. Be sure to check the exchange rates prior to your departure.  All major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) can be used in South Africa. Make sure you notify your bank that you will be traveling and using your card in a foreign country.

  • All major South African banks have branches in Pretoria/Johannesburg and you will find ATM’s in many locations around the cities (airports, shopping malls, etc.).

  • If you want to exchange your currency for Rands at a bank or foreign exchange dealer, make sure you have your valid passport with you. There are kiosks available for you to exchange foreign currency at all of our international airports and most shopping centers/malls.

  • Please note that you cannot use foreign currency in small towns during the Enduraman Race series.

  • ATM’s will only be available at the Prologue and Finale. We will be traveling to remote areas so please ensure you are prepared with enough cash in Rands as well as your credit card in case there is no ATM available in the immediate vicinity.

Stay Connected

Phoning Overseas From South Africa 

  • The access code for making international calls from South Africa is 00. To make a call, you must first dial 00, then the country code, then the area code and then the number you wish to call. 

  • South Africa’s country code: +27


Should you wish to buy a sim card or inquire about cellphone service providers available in South Africa, the following service providers are the most popular in SA:

  1. Vodacom

  2. MTN

  3. Cell C

These service providers have multiple shops and info desks in Pretoria / Johannesburg, including branches in the malls listed above. 

WIFI Connection

  • Most restaurants, shopping malls, and accommodation have wifi available. Pretoria and Johannesburg also have multiple public wifi zones which are free. Should you require wifi during your stay before/after the race, be sure to confirm with your accommodation beforehand if they have this facility available for you.

Getting Around

Avis Rentals

When planning a trip around South Africa for the Enduraman Race Series, book a rental car and point-to-point transfer directly through Avis!

  • As a special service to riders, rental cars can be conveniently dropped off at the start.

  • Please follow the specific instructions on the booking page to ensure you collect or drop off your car at the correct location.

Stay Safe

Safety has become an important issue throughout the world. The Tourism Safety Task Group of South Africa has compiled the following tips for tourists and migrants who come to the country:

At a hotel:

  • Never leave your luggage unattended

  • Store valuables in the hotel’s safety deposit box

  • Keep your room locked, whether you’re in it or not

  • If someone knocks, check whom it is before opening the door

  • ave your keys at the reception desk when leaving the hotel

In the street:

  • Avoid ostentatious displays of expensive jewelry, cameras, and other valuables

  • It’s definitely not advisable to carry large sums of money around (rather, we recommend using URCard, a safe, convenient prepaid debit card designed specifically for travelers)

  • At night, steer clear of dark, isolated areas

  • It’s better to explore in groups and to stick to well-lit, busy streets

  • Plan your route beforehand

  • A policeman or traffic officer will be glad to direct you if you get lost

  • U want to call a taxi, your hotel or the nearest tourism information office can recommend a reliable service

In a car:

  • Plan your route in advance

  • Keep the car doors locked at all times and wind the windows up

  • Lock valuable items in the boot (trunk)

  • At night, park in well-lit areas

  • Never pick up strangers

  • If in doubt about the safety of an area, phone a police station for advice

In general, we advise people to carry a reliable map with them at all times and to keep a certified copy of passports and other important documentation such as flight tickets in a safe place such as a bank or hotel's safety deposit box.

Leave your valuables at home, your luggage may be opened and your valuables missing from your bags when you collect your luggage from the checkout area.

  • Do not wear expensive jewelry.

  • Do not allow yourself to be separated from your hand luggage.

  • Laptops, camera’s, mobile phones and handbags are targeted items.

  • Do not allow yourself to be distracted by one person while another person runs off with your possessions.

If you are hiring a car and intend driving from the airport be sure you know the exact route you should take so that you need not stop to ask for directions making yourself vulnerable and an easy hijack target.

South Africa is not the only country where the above list applies, it applies to many destinations and innocent tourists are caught up in unpleasant situations because they are not vigilant and do not apply wisdom because they are “on holiday” and in a carefree mood. 

Please also avoid giving money to beggars; you are more likely to lose your whole wallet in this type of situation.

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