Race Strategies

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Race Strategy

As part of any successful race entry, teams are required to submit a race strategy. Each strategy must be submitted by the specified strategy submission date, late entries will carry a time penalty.

How to submit your race strategy:

  • After successful race entry, you will receive a route map marked with all the official race rest stations

  • Each team will have to choose a minimum of four (4) out of seven (7) rest stations 

  • Once the team strategy has been submitted it will be final and no changes to the strategy are allowed

Rest Stations:

  • Rest stations are venues along the route where race teams can rest, replenish and overnight

  • Each team will be required to sign in at their selected rest stations, failure to do so will result in a disqualification as an official race finisher

  • There are seven (7) official rest stations on the route of which three are required check-in stations

The importance of your race strategy:

  • Race strategy will help you with planning where you can then restock, rest and overnight during the race, These decisions will directly affect what you will carry on your bike. More planned stops might take time but might result in a lighter packed bike

  • In contrast, fewer stops might result in longer riding times (faster) but you might have to carry more nutrition on your bike

Unscheduled stops:

  • Unscheduled stops are stops along the route that are not part of your race strategy and might include shops, towns and gas stations along the route

  • It is important to know that you can make use of these facilities on your own discretion as long as they are on route. Be mindful that business hours and stock availability are unreliable. Card facilities are not always available and sometimes have a minimum amount required for use

  • Wild camping is not allowed and overnight opportunities are limited to your chosen strategy.


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