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We love our volunteers as they are a key element to the success of any cycling event. Experience behind the scenes mechanics of the Enduraman Race Series as a volunteer.

Every person's motivation to volunteer is different and there are a lot of great reasons to make a contribution to the success of the event and its activities. We would encourage you to volunteer as there are many benefits to you personally which include:

  • Making a real difference to the event

  • Gaining a lot of satisfaction from helping others

  • Meeting people and socializing

  • Developing existing and new skills giving something back to the sport

Roles available during the event:

  •   Route Marshals

  •   Start & Finish Site Marshals

  •   Motorcycle Marshals

  •   General Runner

  •   Rider Registration & Customer Service  Merchandise Assistant

  •   Rest Stop Crew

  •   Volunteer Support Assistant

  •   Corporate Marquee Host

  •   Finish Site – Transport Assistant

Volunteer Packages:

Coming Soon...


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