Pre order item: TOP DECK

Pre order item: TOP DECK


Made from solid aluminum, this rack secures your cargo and also acts as an integrated fender to protect you from dirty road spray and splatter. Perfect for commuting, long-distance adventures, or everyday grocery runs, it’s an update on a classic design, renowned for stability and ease of use. The Top Deck is ultra-versatile, too. Use it front or rear with just about any road or mountain bike. It’s width adjustable and works fine with disc brake bikes.


  • Front or Rear Capable: 
  • Disc Brake Compatible: Sometimes these newfangled disc brakes get in the way of accessory installation. This product was designed to make sure that isnt an issue. 
  • Width Adjustable: Adjustable width design works with most road and mountain bike hub and tire widths, without having to twist or bend anything. 
  • Swivel Mounting Hardware: Our mounting hardware is designed to easily attach using braze-ons, brake boss or p-clamps. The unique design allows the attachment to swivel and work at odd angles … making it fit on nearly any bike. 
  • Light Clip: A great point of attachment for your front or rear light … compatible with most Blackburn and other brands lights. 
  • Aluminum Top Deck: This solid piece of aluminum adds strength to the rack, but also acts as an integrated fender. 

Solid aluminum top deck Front or rear mounting

  • Disc brake compatible
  • Adjustable width
  • Light clip attachment
  • Universal swivel mounting hardware allows mounting on most adult bikes
  • Install using a QR skewer up to tire sizes 700x37c


  • 45lbs/20.5kg capacity 


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