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One of the biggest attractions toward adventure cycling is the accessibility to most cyclists. Road, MTB or gravel bikers can go on an adventure with gear suited to each category. The limiting factor to consider is what to ride that matches your skill, fitness and experience levels.

Training rides are a great way to learn and discover if adventure/bikepacking is for you. It will provide you with the knowledge to buy the correct gear and gain experience in a controlled environment.


  • Road adventures are gaining popularity in remote countries where roads tend to be quiet with beautiful scenery. Road and gravel bikes are ideal for this type of adventures and can be done with a backpack and handlebar bag suited for drop handlebars.


  • Mountain bike/fat bike adventures can be a mix of on and off road, but with the potential to go off the grid on rougher terrain or even where trails have been totally overgrown.

  • Shorter daily distances are the norm compared to road cycling and can, therefore, extend the time needed to complete the adventure with journeys lasting multiple weeks.


  • Gravel bike adventures are predominantly for backcountry gravel roads but can also venture into mildly rougher terrain.


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